Are You Ready for a Challenge?

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions with answers below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact SEAL Strong Nation at info@SEALStrongNation.com.

1.  What is SEAL Strong Nation?
A group of Former Navy SEALs giving back to the community by providing well trained, focused, and prepared individuals for life. Our commitment is to raising the bar for students, athletes and groups.  We are working to raise the standards of accountability, mental toughness, and physical readiness.

2. What if my organization would like to have a challenge at our site?
SEAL Strong Nation has been very successful with our Field Challenges and customizing around specific needs. However, we never stray from the basic philosophy of physical and mental toughness in acquiring desired results.

3. What size groups do your Field Challenges require?
A minimum of 20 for participants is required for our staff of instructors to develop a Field Challenge.  Regardless of the number of participants, our goal is a high quality program that meets your goals and budget.

4. What are your travel requirements?
We will travel anywhere in the USA. If our instructors must travel more than 4 hours to your destination, we will incorporate overnight accommodations , transportation, and food expenses into the final cost.

5. Do you offer discounts?
We always offer discounts for any individual or group that is working toward a career in the military. We also offer discounts for not-for-profit organizations and repeat customers.

6. What are your rates?
Our prices vary according to activity. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your particular group and activity.

7. How much advance notice do you need to reserve and plan a Field Challenge?
We prefer as much advance notice as possible in order to meet the goals of your specific Field Challenge. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs and have frequently booked last minute.  Please contact SEAL Strong Nation to discuss your particular needs.

If your question has not been answered, please contact us so that we may assist you further.